Highway 61 Resurfaced

Highway 61 resurfaced Highway 61 resurfaced by Bill Fitzhugh.
Morrow 2005
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This is the sequel to Fitzhugh’s last book, Radio Activity. The story centers around a group of old blues musicians and a mythical recording session in which they were supposedly involved. Radio DJ turned private investigator Rick Shannon is drawn into a search for the bluesmen, their legendary tapes, and the mysterious circumstances surrounding the supposed time of the recording session.

This book is often laugh-aloud funny – typical Fitzhugh. He has a knack for creating hilariously absurd characters and situations. He names his three bluesmen Blind Buddy Cotton, Crippled Willie Jefferson, and Crazy Earl Tate. Thus, the myth of the Blind, Crippled, and Crazy recording sessions. Fitzhugh is also very good at creating figurative language that seemingly comes out of left field, but that absolutely works. For example:

He passed the faded green-and-white sign for the Southern Pride Apartments. The building itself was gone but its foundation still sat proudly on the lot, as if waiting for that part of the south to rise again.”

This book, like Radio Activity, also displays Fitzhugh’s great love for – and knowledge of – music. His characters are made-up, but all the musical background information is real. I can highly recommend this book, along with the rest of Bill Fitzhugh’s output.

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  1. Cameron says:

    i blame you. you are the reason i currently have 4 new books begging to be read!!! ok- so i don’t really BLAME you, but you’re always reading, which makes me want to read. so- i blame you…for inspiring me to read more:-D
    hope you’re having a good summer!

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