Dog on Bike

John and Pansy

John and Pansy

At the end of last semes­ter, I was talk­ing to my boss (and friend) John about the pic­tures I took of a woman with four dogs on her bike. He remarked that he also has a bas­ket on his bike for his dog, a minia­ture dachs­hund named Pansy. He’d told this to a num­ber of peo­ple, who’ve nat­u­rally all wanted to see pic­tures of Pansy in her bas­ket. But, he’d never had any pic­tures to show them. So, I offered to take some pic­tures once I got my new cam­era. After a few attempts foiled by bad weather or sched­ul­ing con­flicts, we finally got together a few weeks ago to do a photo shoot. John and Fran­nie had Veron­ica and me over for din­ner (a deli­cious home­made gaz­pa­cho with crusty bread and raw milk but­ter), and we walked over to a nearby bike path to shoot. I ended up tak­ing over a hun­dred pic­tures, but I’ve cut it down to the nine best. Click the photo above to see the gallery.

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