All Red Potatoes

Red Potatoes


Among the items in our first CSA box was a mixed bag of pota­toes with skins rang­ing in color from light brown to red. The list that accom­pa­nied our sec­ond box included the line “All Red Pota­toes,” and we assumed that sim­ply meant that we’d got­ten all red-skinned ones that time. Imag­ine our sur­prise when we quar­tered a few of these pota­toes to boil and dis­cov­ered that they’re red all the way through! And what’s more, the color doesn’t fade dur­ing boil­ing (like the gor­geous deep laven­der skin of the Pur­ple Viking potato); if any­thing, it becomes more intense.

Cabbage Leaf with Stuffing

Cab­bage Leaf With Stuffing

After our ini­tial expe­ri­ence with the All Red pota­toes we knew we wanted to try them mashed, but got dis­tracted find­ing ways to use up our CSA items with short shelf lives. So the pota­toes just sat around until this past week­end, when we decided to try them with some items from our most recent box. We’ve been inun­dated with cucum­bers, so we made a sim­ple cucum­ber salad with dill, mint, feta, and a bit of red wine vine­gar. We also had a gor­geous head of savoy cab­bage, the large leaves of which we decided to stuff for a main course.

Stuffed Cabbage Leaves

Stuffed Cab­bage Leaves

The recipe we used for the cab­bage came from here (I’ll give you the basics of the recipe, but fol­low the link if you want more expla­na­tion). First, blanch a few of the big leaves then set them aside to dry. Saute some diced onion (we used a cipollini), then add some of the inner cab­bage leaves, roughly chopped. Once the leaves have reduced some­what, add diced car­rot. Cook cov­ered for fif­teen min­utes or so, then stir in some chopped cooked bacon (the recipe actu­ally calls for speck, a Tyrolean ham, but we had bacon that needed to be used up). Spoon stuff­ing into the leaves, fold them up, grate some Parme­san on top, and bake for 15 min­utes at 200°.

Red Mashed Potatoes!

Red Mashed Potatoes!

The stuffed cab­bage was quite deli­cious, and the leaves turned out a gor­geous bright green. But, the visual stun­ner of our meal was unques­tion­ably the mashed pota­toes. The crim­son flesh, flecked with deep red skin and the green of fresh Ital­ian pars­ley was sim­ply aston­ish­ing. And they tasted great, too. The fla­vor is more com­plex than your stan­dard potato, but I don’t have a good way to describe it. Suf­fice it to say that mashed with pars­ley, gar­lic, cheese, but­ter, and a bit of milk, they delight three of the senses. If you ever see All Red pota­toes for sale, buy them!

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  1. Dad says:

    Cool! I bet they’d make inter­est­ing French fries, too.